Interior Wall Cladding Materials & Systems

With the fantastic range of internal wall cladding materials on offer at Archiclad, you'll be able to bring your interior design dreams to life. Interior wall cladding is a great way to add character and class to any home. As well as being a unique and innovative technique, it is also very cost-effective, making it perfect for adding visual interest to your home.

What is Interior Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding is essentially a skin or layer of material that is attached to the inside walls of a home to improve aesthetic appeal and add value to the property. Cladding can come in a wide variety of styles and is made out of a range of different materials that can either be matched to existing house aesthetics or used to create a new look entirely.

Increased Thermal Protection & Sound Absorption

Internal wall cladding systems are an excellent source of thermal protection that can help keep a home warm during cold Melbourne winters. In addition to the thermal benefits, interior wall cladding materials can also help with sound absorption, making it perfect for noisy households and busy workplaces.

Transform Your Home

If you're looking for an affordable way to transform the inside of your home, interior wall cladding could be the answer. Archiclad offers wall cladding materials that can give your indoor areas a whole new lease on life. With a variety of interior cladding materials to choose from, you can achieve stylish, classic and contemporary looks without the huge bill that typically comes with using heavier, more time consuming and expensive materials.

Wall cladding systems are available in a range of styles, which can make it difficult to choose the best option. If you're having trouble deciding what kind of interior wall cladding materials you need, our experienced team can help you decide what will best suit your house. Whether you need just a feature wall or want to decorate the whole house, we have a wide range of interior wall materials and wall cladding systems that are sure to meet your needs.

Cladding for Shops

Interior wall cladding can really liven up and personalise the walls of your shop. With our range of interior cladding materials, you can say goodbye to drab store walls and say hello to interesting feature walls that attract attention and are perfect for advertising your latest special.

Quality You Can Depend On

We pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality products that are renowned for their durability. Our cladding materials have been put to the test under a variety of conditions so you can rest assured they'll stand the test of time.

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