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Kingspan Kooltherm®

Our extensive range of Kingspan Kooltherm® products can provide you with superior, high-performance, rigid, thermoset phenolic insulation, for roofs, walls and floors.

Kingspan Kooltherm® offers the following benefits:
  • Super High Performance Rigid Thermoset Phenolic Insulation
  • Ultra Low Conductivity
  • Fibre-Free Insulation Core
  • Group 1 BCA Fire Classification
  • Resistant To The Passage Of Water Vapour Thanks To Its Closed Cell Structure
  • Easy To Handle And Install: Speed Up Building Construction
  • Ideal For New Buildings And Refurbishment
  • CFC/HCFC-Free With Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • Compliant With AS/NZS 4859.1
  • Ideal For Both Home Insulation And Commercial Insulation

koolthermWhy Kingspan Kooltherm® ?
With thermally efficient conductivity and high thermal performance values, Kingspan Kooltherm® allows you to minimise the thickness of your insulation compared to other conventional insulations while achieving the same performance. It also has exceptional fire performance characteristics as a thermo set material, hardening and charring in fire situations and giving off very little smoke. In comparison, thermoplastics such as polystyrene will melt, soften, and give off a thick black smoke.

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