• Echostop® perforated plasterboard
    Sound absorptive plasterboard with recessed edges available with either square or round perforations.

  • ENVIRO Regular® plasterboard
    13mm plasterboard containing a minimum of 10% overall recycled content and is GECA certified.

  • ENVIRO Soundstop® plasterboard
    Plasterboard designed for use in high-performance acoustic wall and ceiling systems not requiring fire-rating.

  • Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ Interior Panel
    Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum panels for interior wall and ceiling linings - used in education, healthcare and aged care.

  • Firestop® plasterboard
    Plasterboard specially formulated with fire-resistant core, ideal for projects with fire resistance ratings.

  • Flexiboard® plasterboard
    Plasterboard ideal for constructing curved walls, arches, ceiling and feature panels.

  • Impactstop® plasterboard
    Impact rated plasterboard recommended for use in high traffic areas such as Educational Facilities and Hospitals.

  • Multistop™ 3 HI plasterboard
    Multi performance plasterboard with embedded mesh backing to provide high impact resistance.

  • Multistop™ 3 plasterboard
    Suitable for high traffic areas requiring Fire, Impact and Sound resistance.

  • Multistop™ 4 HI plasterboard
    Ideal for projects that demand High Impact, Fire, Sound and Water resistance from internal wall and ceiling linings.

  • Multistop™ 4 plasterboard
    Plasterboard recommended for projects that demand multiple functioning applications from internal linings.

  • Multistop™ 5 HI plasterboard
    Suitable for project specifications where high impact, mould, fire, water and sound resistance are required.

  • Multistop™ 5 plasterboard
    Ideal for commercial applications such as Healthcare, Hospitality and Childcare where mould resistance is required.

  • Regular plasterboard
    Standard core plasterboard available in two types of edge profiles and lengths of up to 6 metres.

  • Shaftliner™ plasterboard
    Specially manufactured fire-stop plasterboard panels with bevelled edges.

  • Soundstop® plasterboard
    Plasterboard developed for use in high-performance acoustic wall and ceiling systems not requiring fire-rating.

  • Unispan® plasterboard
    10mm thick plasterboard used as a ceiling lining where framing members are spaced at up to 600mm centres.

  • Wet Area Firestop® plasterboard
    An ideal plasterboard for projects that demand both Fire and Water resistance from internal linings.

  • Wet Area Plasterboard
    Plasterboard ideal for lining of wet areas in bathrooms, shower recesses, laundries and toilets.

Plasterboard is a necessity of interior building construction, being easy to install, modestly priced and simple to repair. With variations in the plaster mix, different types of plasterboard can be produced for a wide range of applications. At Archiclad, we provide plastering supplies to Melbourne, and throughout Australia if required for a whole spectrum of construction needs.

We have plasterboard supplies to cover your every need. Flexiboard is perfect for the construction of curved walls or feature panels. Where noise levels are a concern, you can use EchoStop plasterboard, created specifically to create a quieter environmenrt. There is ImpactStop plasterboard available for high traffic areas such as educational facilities and hospitals. Or should you require strong mould resistance, Multistop is your plasterboard of choice. Wet Area specific plasterboard for use in showers, laundries and toilets.

Take a look through our catalogue below to find the right type of plasterboard supply for your building needs. Order with Archiclad to have your plasterboard suppliesdelivered directly to your site in Melbourne. We deliver 6 days a week, and pre-booked first loads are generally on site before 7.30am.