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James Hardie Products

With over 120 years of experience in the building construction industry, James Hardie is a respected and trusted manufacturer of a host of exceptional building materials. Recognised as a leader in the trade, James Hardie’s products boast superior quality, innovation, durability and energy efficiency.

You can rely on James Hardie products for their sustainable designs, comforted by the knowledge that all products are manufactured with the aim of reducing their environmental impact and producing a smaller footprint on the world compared to other building materials. This makes it the ideal choice for any building project.

Take a look at Archiclad’s extensive range of James Hardie products available for purchase, or call us on 03 9460 2233 to receive expert advice.

  • Exotec Facade Panel
  • Comtex Facade Panel
  • Scyon Axon Cladding
  • Scyon Linea Weatherboard
  • Scyon Matrix Cladding
  • Scyon Stria Cladding
  • ScyonSecura Flooring
  • HardiflexSheet
  • HarditexSystem
  • Hardi Panel Compressed
  • HardiPlank Weather Board
  • Villboard Lining
  • Easylap Panel
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