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Plaster Board System



Highly successful Partiwall® system is an ideal solution for separating walls between attached dwellings. Light-weight and cost-effective, Partiwall® permits easy incorporation of services and does not require penetration and perimeter treatment associated with traditional fire-rated systems.

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IntRwall® is a light-weight separating wall system for apartment buildings. First introduced on 88 storey Eureka Tower project in Melbourne, plasterboard based IntRwall® has proved to be a viable alternative to autoclaved aerated concrete construction.

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OutRwall® fire-rated exterior wall system is a light-weight alternative to masonry construction in residential buildings that are built close to the boundary. Available in 1hour or 1.5hour fire-rating configurations, OutRwall® can be pre-fabricated and install from one side if access to adjacent property is restricted.

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CinemaZone® acoustic systems have been developed in response to the growing popularity of home cinemas. Utilising USG Boral's SoundStop plasterboard, CinemaZone® allows to create a real cinema experience in a home without disturbing other occupants or neighbours.

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These systems are created by putting plasterboard sheets together with jointing compounds, framing and other materials such as Insulation,sealants and adhesives. This process augments the plasterboard and creates a structure designed for a specific construction purpose.

At Archiclad, we offer Boral USG plasterboard systems for various applications. If you live in an attached dwelling and would like to separate the walls, the Partiwall system is the one for you. Outrwall provides an exterior wall solution for buildings that are built too close to the boundary for masonry construction to be a convenient option. Intrwall is a light-weight separating wall system for apartment buildings, first used in Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. CinemaZone has been designed to meet the growing demand for home cinemas, and allows you to enjoy your entertainment without worrying about disturbing the neighbours.

Each of these systems offers an easier and more cost-effective alternative to more heavy construction. To find out specific information about each of these systems, click on any of the yellow buttons below – we provide a brochure and a product catalogue online. If you’d like to ask one of our industry experts for further advice, give us a call on 03 9460 2233. Our friendly team is always on hand to help you out.

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