Uni-Base Board Cavity System

The Unitex Uni-Base Board Cavity System provides Architects, Designers, Builders, Developers, and Home Owners with Australia’s ultimate weatherproofing security that builders have always enjoyed with standard brick veneer construction cavity walls but with added ultimate insulation values and energy saving benefits. The benefits in choosing the Unitex Uni-Base Board Cavity System, other than the proven conformance to the National Construction Code, is in situations where there is moisture or water ingress due to poor design or detailing of features such as junctions and parapets, non-appropriate window, door fittings, other penetrations and or lack of or not fit for purpose expansion joints. It is then, through the Unitex Uni-Base Board Cavity System that this water ingress or leak is channelled away from the internals down the cavity between the Uin-Base Board System and the sarking covered building frame to eventually leave via the base installed Unitex Cavity Closer. This system therefor offers fail safe protection.

The Unitex Uni-Base Board Cavity System is for use in all situations except where BAL-29 and above (BAL-40) are required .The Uni-Base Board Cavity System, when installed to the Unitex specifications, is the ultimate and Australia’s leading accredited system available, offering fail safe leak security to the internal and framing substrate.

Uni-Base Board non-cavity System

The Unitex Uni-Base Board Non-cavity System is the most currently used system for those Builders not choosing full Codemark accreditation.

The Unitex Uni-Base Board Non-cavity System or ‘Direct Fix’ Uni-Base Board System is a system that is direct screw fixed to the sarking clad building frame which provides ultimate insulation to external walling (up to R-Value 2.6 for full wall with 75mm BB, but much higher for 100mm upwards). The Unitex Uni-Base Board Non-cavity System is BRANZ and BRAC (Building Commission) accredited as an installed system (not as individual products) to ensure ultimate protection and comfort for you and/or your clients. For confirmation that your Unitex Uni-Base Board Non-cavity System is installed correctly ensure your Unitex Technical Sales Representative is involved from the beginning and you are provided with a signed Unitex warranty for proof of accreditation and conformance. The Unitex Uni-Base Board Non-cavity System must be installed as per the Unitex full installation manual. Please further note that Unitex advises that care must be taken to correctly install regular expansion and contraction joints, and have suitable window and door fittings designed for self-drainage. The stipulated (in system) Unitex Render and Applied Finish appearance is desired for pleasing durable textures, and ochre like colours.

Uni-Base Board System (BAL 29)

The Unitex Uni-Base Board System (BAL 29) is accredited to pass Bushfire Attack Level 29. A Non-cavity Uni-Base Board system that must adhere to the strict installation and coating specifications. Unitex strongly advises our on-site involvement prior, during, and at completion of installation (as per the Unitex installation manual) as Unitex must sign off as conforming and complying with all requirements of the BAL 29 Unitex walling System.

With Unitex sign off and involvement your building surveyor will have proof from Unitex, as the system provider, for confirmation of full compliance to the accredited system.

At Unitex we always say – Your Walls. Our Pride – so get Unitex involved early to prevent shortcuts and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Uni-Base Board System (BAL 40)

For your trust and peace of mind and to comply with the requirements of Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL-40) it is strongly advised that a Unitex Technical Sales Representative quote on all the components required to complete the project to achieve complete conformance. In order to achieve complete conformance to BAL-40, your Unitex Technical Sales Representative will sign off critical installation stages – prior, during and on completion – for the Unitex warranty sign off for BAL-40 accreditation.

We take pride in the quality of our systems, and the accreditations they have achieved. It is with this in mind, and for your protection and protection of your clients, Unitex only allow approved and accredited Unitex Installers to install any Unitex Uni-Base Board System BAL-40 projects. For your safety and protection, this is a strict policy of Unitex. For those interested in becoming an approved Unitex Installer, please refer to our Accredited Contractors information.

Uni-IB Board

The Unitex Uni-IB Board System, to equate to the Unitex Uni-Base Board System once installed, is to be first pre-coated with Unitex Polymer Render (with added 5% cement) which is applied with a Notch Trowel to a minimum depth of 3mm, and embedded Unitex Uni-Mesh IM. This is to achieve the Unitex Uni-Base Board which is then followed with all the system requirements to achieve the Unitex Uni-Base Board System (using the relevant Uni-Unitex Base Board System manual) for warranty (refer to Technical Manual for installation).