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KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling Systems

The versatile Rondo KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System provides designers and architects with many options in the design of flush building board ceiling finishes. The Rondo engineered ceiling system enables the mixing of primary and secondary components (top cross rail, furring channel and batten) in order to increase spans and suspension fixing points and maximise structural design. The Rondo KEY-LOCK® Ceiling system can be used in both fire-rated and non-fire rated situations, and includes a variety of complementary accessories, such as acoustic mounts.

21 Keylock Technical Manual PDF 21 Keylock Installation PDF

Stud & track

Rondo Steel Stud Wall Framing consists of various depth lipped C Studs and C Channel Tracks which can be used to construct internal drywall partitions up to 10m in height, depending on the application. These components provide smooth, durable, non combustible, light weight framing systems that can also achieve a variety of acoustic and fire performance ratings, when installed and lined in accordance with the tested systems.

23 Studtrack Technical Manual PDF 23 Studtrack Installation PDF

PANTHER® Access Panels

The Rondo PANTHER® Access Panel range , offers a variety Acoustic and Fire-Tested Wall and Ceiling Access Panels

24 Panther Information PDF

EXANGLE® Drywall Finishing Sections

The EXANGLE® Drywall Finishing Sections range has been developed by our R&D engineers in consultation with designers and our customers. Only the highest grade materials and coatings are used for the range, which is backed by a comprehensive written warranty

25 Exangle Technical Manual PDF 25 Exangle Installation PDF

EXANGLE® RT Finishing Sections

The Rondo EXANGLE® Render and Texture range of finishing sections are manufactured to assist contractors in obtaining a strong, straight, knock-resistant corner with a superior finish that lasts.

26 Exangle Technical Manual PDF 26 Exangle Installation PDF

WALK-ABOUT™ Trafficable Ceiling System

The Rondo WALK-ABOUTTM Ceiling Grid System was designed after receiving many requests for a system which would allow maintenance people to enter and move around above a suspended ceiling.

27 Walkabout Information PDF
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