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Rondo has been designing and manufacturing construction systems in Australia since 1964. It is due to this long standing history and excellent reputation that Archiclad have chosen Rondo as suppliers of wall and ceiling systems.

Approximately 88% lighter than a 110mm single brick rendered wall, the Rondo Steel Stud Wall Framing systems are designed for durability, versatility, and time-efficiency. It comprises of lipped C Studs and C Channel Tracks in various lengths, and can be used to construct internal drywall partitions up to 10m in height, depending on the application.

This advanced construction gives builders the range and scope to design internal wall framing systems that comply with relevant Building Codes. The walls will be constructed to fire-rated, acoustic and load bearing requirements.

These components also provide smooth, non-combustible, light weight framing systems that can achieve a variety of acoustic and fire performance ratings when installed in accordance with the tested systems. When it comes to your construction needs, you can trust Rondo for high quality, excellent products.

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Installing a Steel Stud and Track Wall System

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