Plaster Jointing Compounds

All purpose premix

Air drying, lightweight compound suitable for all three coat applications with paper tape.

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Back-blocking adhesive compound

Plaster based setting type adhesive compound for back-blocking ceiling and wall joints.

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Basecote® 45, 60 & 90 compound

Leading gypsum based setting compound designed for taping and basecoating plasterboard joints and angles.

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Cornice adhesive 45 & 60 compound

Compound ideal for bonding paperfaced cornice, cast fibrous plaster decorative cornice and plaster decorative

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Finalcote® finishing compound

A premixed, air-drying, easy sanding, semi-lightweight finishing compound.

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Hard finish plaster compound

Skim coat plaster compound designed for use with lime to achieve a hard surface on walls and ceilings.

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Litefinish™ finishing compound

Lightweight air-drying finishing compound with easy application, low shrinkage, good hiding and easy sanding.

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Masonry adhesive compound

Plaster based adhesive compound for bonding plasterboard sheets to masonry, brick or concrete surfaces.

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Patchcote 20™ compound

A plaster based, setting type compound recommended for small and large repairs on plasterboard.

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Premium bond™ stud adhesive

Water-based synthetic stud adhesive for bonding plasterboard to timber and metal studs.

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Redibase™ compound

A premixed, drying type base compound formulated for use in a hot and dry environment.

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Topcote 550® finishing compound

A premium standard weight finishing compound, offering easy sanding to give a smooth finish.

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Wet area sealant

Acrylic based water resistant sealant suitable for wet area applications.

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Wet area sealcote

Paintable water resistant sealer suitable for sealing the face of wet area linings.

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Wet area taping cement

Designed for use with reinforcing tape in joints and angles in wet area applications.

Just like there are many different types of plasterboard, there are also many different types of plaster jointing compounds.

Jointing compounds are similar to plaster and are used with joint tape to seal joints between sheets of plasterboard. Broadly, there are two different kinds: drying types and setting types. Drying types tend to be fast to apply and easy to maintain, though they take a long time to dry and shrink as they do so. Setting types come as a powder and you add water before use. They set by chemical hardening rather than evaporation, like drying types do, which gives them an advantage in filling holes and gaps. This advantage is offset, however, by the fact that they are more time-consuming and difficult to use.

Beyond these two main types, there is even more variation in jointing compounds: from standard versions to compounds designed specifically for a hard finish. There is even a type of jointing compound especially created for bonding cornices.

To find all these jointing compounds and more, take a look through our catalogue. Order fromarchiclad and we will deliver directly to your construction site, within victoria, 6 days a week.

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