Iccons Screws and Fasteners

No construction project is complete without high-quality fasteners, screws and adhesives. At Archiclad, our premier choice supplier for any kind of fasteners is Iccons. This Australian-owned and operated manufacturer creates everything from screws, nuts and bolts, anchors and fasteners to adhesives, drills and wrenches. 

With everything from power tools to accessories that are designed for durability and ease of use, they’re suitable for a range of applications. Whether you’re installing cabinetry, putting together a new build or renovating an existing property, Iccons have the suitable tools and fasteners for the job. 

No matter the project you’re working on, Iccons’ products and range are up to the task. Their screws alone come in various sizes and specifications that are resilient and suitable for use on a number of materials and in various applications. Discover Iccons screws and fastenings with everything from multipurpose options to specialised solutions for all mediums – including timber, wood, metal and concrete for use in cladding, framing and roofing.

Iccons known for the iconic connections across the globe.

The product range include global brands used in a construction industry for anchoring, adhesives, concrete nailing systems, screws and fixing, drilling and tools.

At Archiclad, we are dedicated to bringing the best construction products together under one roof, stocking a large range of building construction materials from the best manufacturers and distributors in Australia and beyond. Our range of screws and fasteners is no exception, coming from trusted Brands such as Iccons, Maxim, Buildex and Powers,some of the best construction products in Ausrtralia.

Along with stocking a range of high quality screws and fasteners, our Construction tools come from strong brands like Keyang, Makita, Wall Pro and Muro.

We Provide a Variety of Screws and Fasteners

Iccons screws work across a multitude of materials and applications. For easier installation when you’re working with metal, there are self-drilling screws that can be used for steel framing or the installation of cladding and roofing. 

For wider versatility across materials, including wood and plastic, Iccons also manufacture self-tapping screws for when you have pre-drilled holes. We can also source Iccons wood screws, which can be used to join timber or timber to metal. For the particular nature of drywall, there are also screws with either fine or coarse threads to suit the framing you’re attaching the drywall to. 

When it comes to fasteners, the Iccons range is just as diverse. They create hex bolts, coach bolts and U-bolts, along with the corresponding nuts for each part. 

For heavy-duty jobs where an extra strong and resilient connection is needed, there are specific fasteners for roofing, timber, cladding and concrete. To finish the job and seal the gaps, Iccons also has an extensive range of both polymer and fire retardant sealants. They can be used for everything from sealing pipe penetrations to improving acoustics by blocking gaps. 

For a finish that’ll look tidy and keep everything watertight, no matter the project or material you’re fastening, Iccons will hold fast. 

For more information or any enquiries regarding the Iccons screws and fasteners we can source, please contact our team.

Use High-Quality Products in Construction

Fixtures and screws need to be high quality for a number of reasons, the most vital being that your end product needs to have solid structural integrity. From setting up the foundations to finishing the project off in its entirety, having solid connections between each and every part is important for the safety and longevity of the building. 

Using the best quality materials in your construction projects also ensures resilience for the future. Whether you need corrosion-resistant fastenings for external applications, specialty screws for concrete, timber or steel, choosing adhesives that’ll last is key. They’ll be better for the building, require less maintenance in the future and make for a project you’re proud to put your name to.

Iccons Screws and Fasteners Are Essential for Your Next Project

Iccons’ range of screws, fasteners and adhesives is diverse enough that there’s a perfect choice for every job. Whether you’re looking for multi-purpose products that can be used on a number of materials or want something task-specific, this long-standing manufacturer has the parts you need. 

Along with diversity, Iccons’ products are made with quality and ease of use in mind. With the likes of self-drilling screws for all jobs, high-quality Iccons Raptor blades for precise cutting and direct-acting nails for faster installations, you can get the job done safely, efficiently and to a high standard. 

Iccons use of high-quality materials ensures they’re a reliable option that promises sturdy connections that’ll stand the test of time. Each part is made to a high standard, which means you’ll get consistent and reliable performance from every hex screw, nut and bolt for every job. From the corrosion-resistant metal in their screws to Ozone-conscious fire retardant foam sealants, they’re designed to last.

Why Choose Archiclad for Iccons Screws and Fasteners?

Regardless of the project you’re working on or the volume of screws or adhesives you need, Archiclad can source everything and have it delivered anywhere in Australia. In our two decades of business, we’ve built close connections with a multitude of the best suppliers in the construction industry. 

Streamlining the process and making the project easier for you by sourcing everything you need is at the core of what we do. If you run into any issues or need personalised recommendations for your next big build, we’re here to help. 

Aside from delivering advice and building supplies, we also endeavour to build lasting relationships with our clients as well as our suppliers. Whether you’re a first-time customer or have been with us for years, we’ll always deliver the best possible service and support. 

For more information or support on your next project, you can contact our team at any time.

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