Fletcher Insulation

Fletcher Insulation

With one of the widest distribution and sales coverage networks, we work with Fletcher Insulation to provide you with insulation and acoustic solutions. We aim to cover the residential, commercial and industrial markets all across Australia so you can build with confidence. 

Why choose Fletcher Insulation’s materials for your residential or commercial building projects? As part of the Fletcher Building Group, Fletcher Insulations has access to a large network of operations spanning; Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the South Pacific. 

The Fletcher Building Group employs approximately 14,900 dedicated professionals, doing so since the 1930s.

With the trusted quality of materials and the experience of our team at Archiclad, we’re here to support you with Fletcher commercial insulation and Fletcher residential insulation for: 

  • homes, 
  • retail stores, 
  • offices, 
  • educational institutions, 
  • aged care facilities 
  • and so much more.
Fletcher Insulation For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets

Fletcher Insulation operates a national network in Australia with branches countrywide. This means their building materials are of top quality for residential, commercial and industrial markets in any state. 

Whether your building project is in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT, WT, ACT or TAS, you can trust that the insulation solutions will be up to code and endure any climate. 

Benefits of Choosing Fletcher Insulation

There are a number of benefits to choosing our supplier, Fletcher Insulation, for your insulation needs: 

High Thermal Performance

The material’s ability to insulate against heat, aids in stable indoor temperatures and reduces climate control costs, while indirectly supporting sound quality by stabilising air properties.

Solid Acoustic Performance

Strong acoustics performance means that the materials used absorb or block sound, key for reducing noise disruptions in environments such as schools and offices.

Reliable Condensation Management

Focuses on the material’s ability to handle moisture, preventing condensation through thermal regulation to avoid mould and water damage.

Energy Efficiency

Highlights how the materials minimise the need for artificial heating and cooling, cutting energy costs and boosting building sustainability.

Protection from Elements

Assesses resistance to environmental factors like wind and rain, enhancing the durability of the building’s exterior and lessening maintenance needs.

Fire Resistance

The material’s ability to resist fire, including slowing flame spread and reducing smoke, is crucial for safety and structural integrity.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Reduce the emission levels of VOCs and pollutants from materials, influencing the healthiness of the indoor environment and occupant well-being.

Residential and Commercial Acoustic Insulation — Easy To Install


For peace within the home, you can’t beat insulation that’s easy to install. 

Helping to reduce the noise transfer between rooms, it’s especially useful for home offices, media rooms, and bathrooms and helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 

Pink® Soundbreak® is a high-density acoustic batt, ideal for controlling sound transfer between rooms in both detached houses and duplexes.

We also recommend Pink® Batts Wall Insulation for maintaining comfortable thermal conditions in the home.


This includes: 

  • Multi-residential properties
  • Offices & Warehouses
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail Hospitality Entertainment
  • Aged Care

Fletcher Insulation has a comprehensive range of insulation solutions to meet the most demanding environments for commercial builds with a range of products to match.

Pink SonoMatt® Premium Acoustic Insulation

This innovative product, featuring a sleek black matt glass tissue facing on one side, is specifically designed for installation behind perforated metal linings. 

This design not only conceals any imperfections in the internal lining material but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. 

It excels in powerful sound absorption and transmission properties, making it a standout choice for challenging acoustic scenarios such as restaurants, schools or hospitals where other products may struggle. 

Ideal for use in partitions, screens, and baffles, this solution also incorporates thermal insulation capabilities, boosting a building’s overall energy efficiency. 

The Pink SonoMatt® from Fletcher Insulation is environmentally considerate, being manufactured from up to 80% recycled content.

Proudly Australian-made, this product represents a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and sustainability, addressing multiple needs in modern building applications.

Effective and Sustainable Energy efficiency Levels with Fletcher Insulation

Fletcher Insulation has set ambitious, yet achievable measures of success, which we are proud to support. 

These measures are: 

  • Zero serious injuries
  • 30% women in leadership by FY27
  • Engagement (eNPS) ≥40
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) ≥55
  • Net zero carbon by FY50
  • 75% revenue from sustainably certified products by FY26 (in their manufacturing businesses)
  • 70% waste avoided, recycled, and/or reused by FY26.
Why Choose Archiclad for Fletcher Insulation?

For all your Fletcher Insulation needs there’s no better partner than Archiclad: 

  • We maintain focus on teamwork, delivering to you proven, dependable practices that are up to date with all local state building codes. 
  • With our experience with building contracts, we can help you navigate through any complicated wording so you can stick to a clear build time and budget. 
  • We partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in internal and external linings. We have long-standing relationships with all of our clients. 
  • Just like Fletcher Insulation, we make sure to service your needs with energy and commitment, helping you achieve your goals and ambitions.

For all of your residential and commercial insulation needs with Fletcher Insulation, call Archiclad today on 03 9460 2233. Our experienced team will be sure to help you make the right choices for your construction needs.

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