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Armstrong Ceiling Commercial Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions delivers exceptional quality, high-performance ceiling systems and tiles. They’ve been operating in Australia for over 60 years, and their comprehensive range of acoustic suspended ceiling tiles can be used across a number of applications. 

Whether you need something for a medical-grade facility, ceiling tiles that can withstand high-humidity areas like pools, or noise buffering for music centres and studios, the diverse range of Armstrong ceiling tiles can do it all. 

Aside from being suitable for a number of applications, they’re also made from a variety of materials, patterns and textures. As an Armstrong supplier, we can source the full range of their tiles from metal or timber to wood wool and bamboo. 

When you install Armstrong ceiling tiles, you don’t need to sacrifice having an aesthetically pleasing ceiling. They’re high-performance, designed to last and come in a range of colours to suit the commercial application you need them for.


For over 60 years we have been a trusted supplier of Acoustic ceiling tiles, panels & systems here in the Australian market.

Our journey started with the supply of mineral fibre acoustic ceiling systems. Our range has expanded since then to include soft fibre, metal, timber, wood wool and even rapidly renewable bamboo tiles, panels and systems.

One thing that hasn’t changed since 1961 is our why – to enhance the wellbeing of building occupants. We do this through the supply of ceiling tiles, panels & systems made from healthy materials.

We Provide Metal Ceiling Systems

The addition of metal wall and ceiling systems can deliver several benefits, from improved sound to better insulation. The Armstrong MetalWorks range is an exceptional fit for this purpose that facilitates flexibility in design preferences across all specifications. 

Like all Armstrong products, they’re designed to last by being easy to clean and maintain while providing resilience against damage. This versatile option comes in a range of styles and sizes, with the ability to add acoustic backing for more sound insulation. 

You can still get a timber-look finish if you have MetalWorks ceiling tiles, with options like baffle or batten ceiling systems. This wood effect look still delivers the same high-quality application as metal alone, with a more personalised look for professional or premium spaces. You can also get perforation on your MetalWorks tiles, giving you the versatility to fine-tune your acoustic needs between acoustic attenuation and absorption.

Commercial Metalworks Custom Ceilings

No two building designs will be the same, and neither will their specifications or purposes. To get the best possible result that fulfils every requirement, you’ll want something custom-made. 

Along with their incredible range of pre-made and pre-designed metal ceilings, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions also offers custom MetalWorks options. Whether you want creatively cut shapes, unique colours, timber finishes or perforations and inlays, as an Armstrong supplier, the team at Archiclad can arrange it all for you. 

If you want a truly personalised ceiling that’s as beautiful as it is functional, the Armstrong custom ceiling tiles and solutions are the premier choices. Aside from looking incredible, you can also alter various components in your custom ceiling so it’s fit for purpose. Opt for anything from exposed two-way suspended ceiling tile grid systems to concealed grid systems. 

Benefits of Choosing Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

Choosing a ceiling system is a major aspect of any construction project, and Armstrong Ceiling Solutions can adapt to any specifications. One of the key benefits is that their ceiling tiles are designed with acoustic performance in mind. Whether you need sound absorption or attenuation for a medical, commercial or industrial setting, Armstrong will get the job done. 

When it comes to ceilings that not only perform their job properly but also look great, Armstrong delivers on that, too. With durable and long-wearing metal frames that can also be upgraded with wood finishes, perforations and a variety of colours, you can achieve the appearance you’re looking for. 

The variety of applications that Armstrong ceiling tiles can be used for is extensive. Whether your project is a medical facility, a corporate office, a music studio, or anything in between, the options at your disposal will give you the results you need. 

From Armstrong Bioguard for clean, medical-grade environments that need to be regularly sterilised to Armstrong Ultima, which are both sound buffering and light reflective for an ambient office atmosphere, Armstrong tiles are fit for a range of applications. 

Why Choose Archiclad for your Armstrong Ceiling products?

When you work with Archiclad, you not only gain access to exceptional product ranges like Armstong but you’ll also benefit from over two decades of experience in the construction industry. 

We’ve built working relationships with a huge number of Australia’s best suppliers, meaning you can get everything you need for your next project in one place. No matter where you are in the country, we can arrange delivery. For more information or support on your next project, you can contact our team at any time. 

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