Soundproof your building and achieve ideal acoustics with AcoustiGuard, available now from Archiclad.

Soundproof walls, ceilings and floors in a wide range of building applications with AcoustiGuard’s range of soundproofing solutions for buildings. Its effectiveness also allows it to be used to soundproof industrial environments.

Available in several varieties, AcoustiGuard offers a line that includes barriers, absorbers, sound control under layments and sound isolation clips for all noise control applications.

No matter what soundproofing requirements you have, AcoustiGuard will be able to provide an effective solution, from simple acoustic treatments to more complicated building projects such as music rooms and recording studios.

With experience in a wide range of soundproofing materials, Archiclad can provide you with advice that is tailored to your building needs. Contact us today on 03 9460 2233 to find a soundproofing solution that is right for you.

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