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James Hardie is a globally respected leader in the design and manufacture of external cladding and other interior and exterior building materials. Backed by more than 120 years of experience, the company has remained at the forefront of the building construction industry and operates across the world with distinction. The company was the first to use modern fibre-cement in their products, which is highly durable, suitable for non-combustible construction, and is resistant to impact, moisture, termite damage, warping and rotting. Hardie’s cladding in particular has earned a reputation for its superior quality, innovation, durability and energy efficiency.

James Hardie
Choose from a Wide Range of James Hardie Products

Whether you’re looking for James Hardie Axon Cladding, Villaboard Lining, ExoTec panels, HardiePlank Weatherboard or other James Hardie products, Archiclad can provide you with everything you need. Our complete James Hardie range includes:

We’re confident you’ll have a positive and rewarding experience when you choose us as your James Hardie supplier. Our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals by delivering the superior products you need for your project, whether it’s a commercial build, a house renovation or a building extension. From stylish ExoTec Façade Panel for low-rise, high-rise and commercial use through to Villaboard Lining that’s suitable for bathrooms and other wet areas, James Hardie products can ensure a quality result from the inside out.

Explore Our Range Today

When you need James Hardie cladding, you won’t be disappointed by the extensive range of products available at Archiclad. Contact us at your earliest convenience for advice and information on suitable products for your project. Alternatively, you can visit our Thomastown or Lynbrook factory and showroom to view our products in person.

James Hardie Cladding Brings Style & Diversity To Your Home

James Hardie cladding products are a cut above the rest, offering exceptional quality, resilience and aesthetic choices to elevate the appearance of your home. With a range of beautiful finishes, patterns, and styles to choose from, your home will stand out from the rest exactly the way you want it to. Find the perfect finish for your home, no matter the location or look you’re striving to create. Choose one form of cladding alone or combine different styles to create a truly unique finish.

James Hardie Cladding Provides Weather Resistance From Harsh Elements

Made to last even under harsh Australian conditions, James Hardie Cladding is as durable as it is stunning. Pioneering in the industry, the use of fibre-cement in their cladding makes for remarkably resilient homes.

The strength of these weather resistant materials also means that commercial projects like schools, hospitals, offices and childcare centres can maintain their build quality in any Australian season. Supply your residential and commercial building projects with resistant materials from James Hardie. For protection from everything to hail, moisture damage during extreme storms, termite damage for more tropical climates and rotting in more humid zones.

Your build will maintain its look without cracking or warping, ensuring you have complete structural integrity no matter the climate you’re living in.

Rest easy in a home or commercial facility that not only looks fantastic, but is more energy efficient and insulated, but also comes with a comprehensive warranty.

We Provide a Variety of Cladding Styles & Textures

We offer the full range of James Hardie cladding products to give you the best choice and ability to curate the specific look you desire in your home. 

Whether you want to go more industrial and modern, classic and timeless or cultivate a look that captures your favourite architectural period, there’s an option for you and your home. 

Take inspiration from rustic Mediterranean homes by adding brushed concrete cladding, or add a coastal feel with the coastal and clean look of Linea weatherboard

Go vertical or horizontal, vary the width of your boarding, and choose the colour of your dreams. When you choose James Hardie cladding, you’re not only adding style, comfort and energy efficiency to your home, but you’ll also be increasing its value by using the best materials in the industry. 

The clean profile of James Hardie building products means that they are easy to install and ready to paint. Explore the full range or discover new inspiration in the gallery to help your home and commercial build.  

Aluminum Cladding
James Hardie Offer Lightweight Cladding For Various Home Designs

Outside of the comprehensive range of textures, finishes and designs, James Hardie Lightweight Cladding is remarkably lightweight and can be used across a variety of applications. 

Whether you’re adding an extension or recladding your whole home, James Hardie materials won’t impact the structural integrity of your house. 

Cladding itself is not load-bearing, meaning the less it weighs, the less pressure it puts on the foundations of your home. 

Lightweight cladding is also easier to install, easier to maintain and more simple to repair in the long term. When you use cladding from James Hardie, the lighter quality also means you have more freedom with your design choices. 

We can help you create an innovative and unique look with your cladding, whether you’re in a single-storey home or are adding a third floor. 

Why Choose Archiclad For James Hardie Cladding?

The choices available to you when you’re building, renovating, or developing are huge. Choosing the right materials and knowing how to get the result you want takes a lot of research. To navigate this and remove the challenges, your project will go smoother if you partner with a team that has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. 

That’s where the team at Archiclad steps in. We can ensure you’re not only getting the best service from people who know what they’re doing, but you’re also gaining access to our long-term partnerships and suppliers with the best material providers in the industry—including James Hardie.

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