Add an unexpected visual appeal to your home, not to mention a wealth of additional benefits for the household, when you cover the walls with exterior cladding materials from Archiclad.

By applying exterior wall cladding materials to the walls of your Melbourne home or commercial property, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wealth of aesthetic and functional benefits.



Among those benefits are:

  • Noise and heat energy regulation – External cladding absorbs sound and energy waves, controlling the amount of noise and heat that enters your home / workplace.
  • Natural wear and tear of your property is significantly reduced when you have applied external cladding materials to your home or workplace.
  • Is moisture getting through into the home a little too easily? The space formed between the wall and the applied external cladding is one that promotes breathability and enhanced air circulation, helping to draw any moisture out of the atmosphere.
  • As premier external wall cladding suppliers, Archiclad can provide you with an extensive range of colours and designs to suit not only your individual tastes but also the surrounds of your property.

By simply applying exterior wall cladding, you can transform your Melbourne home with a fresh new look and a multitude of benefits to make living all the more comfortable.

Discover Uni-Base Board (TM) External Cladding

Archiclad is a proud supplier of the Uni-Base Board™ system of exterior wall cladding. As part of the Uni-EIFS™ range that is manufactured locally at the Unitex® facility, Uni-Base Board™ is a low-build insulation external cladding system that has been created through the application of a specially formulated polymer render coating and reinforced AR/FG mesh to EPS panels.

You’ll find Uni-Base Board™ external wall cladding available in a standard size of 1200 mm x 2400 mm, with varying thicknesses (typically 50 mm, 75 mm or 100 mm) to guarantee the thermal comfort of each project.

The Uni-Base Board™ system is commonly used in the construction industry to insulate, protect and decorate the exterior of a building structure. It is widely regarded as the most technologically sophisticated method of resolving condensation issues. The lightweight system is highly energy efficient and provides a virtually maintenance-free exterior when installed correctly.

Quick Guide

Sheet Size: 1200 mm x 2400 mm
Thickness: Variable (50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm)
R-Value: 50 mm = 1.63 (2.08 with sisalation)
75 mm = 2.17 (2.62 with sisalation)
100 mm = 2.75* (3.20 with sisalation)
*Estimate based on 50 mm & 75 mm test results
Minimum Coating Thickness: No less than 5 mm

If you’d like technical details and a step-by-step guide for correct installation of your external wall cladding, click on the image to the left and download our comprehensive E-Brochure.

Uni-Base Board™ System Brochure

Cladding Installation Manual [PDF] 1.7 MB (approx. 0:40 sec. to download with broadband connection)

Archiclad can send an experienced Uni-Base Board™ technical representative to visit your site and offer qualified advice on correct installation, texture, colour, and technical site related issues relating to exterior wall cladding in Melbourne. Contact Archiclad today to make an appointment.

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