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One popular option for exterior wall cladding in Melbourne is that of fibre cement sheeting. Highly regarded industry-wide for its superior strength and ability to withstand all climate conditions, fibre cement will last the distance all year round – rain, hail or shine.

Developed by Australian company James Hardie, fibre cement sheeting is a popular and commonly used material for cladding as it safeguards against any dynamic climate conditions thrown against it. Fibre cement suppliers Archiclad is one of the leading stockists of James Hardie cement sheet products Melbourne-wide. Discover the difference it can make to your home or commercial property!

Composition Of Fibre Cement

James Hardie fibre cement sheet is comprised of four major components.

They are:

  • Cellulose fibre, which has come from plantation-grown Radiata Pine trees
  • Portland cement
  • Water
  • Sand

Other minor additives are then included to bond the components together. The final product is one that is highly durable and resistant to fire, rotting, termites, moisture damage and heavy impact.

Uses For Fibre Cement Sheeting

In addition to being used for wall cladding, cement sheet products can also be used for a multitude of different applications. For floor surfaces that might be covered with tiling, whether it’s a bathroom or an outdoor entertaining area, fibre cement sheeting makes for a highly effective underlay. It can also be used indoors for a variety of purposes. Cement sheet products can be a useful surface material for rooms that need wet area protection, such as bathrooms and laundries. It can also make for a stylish partition wall, as well as looking great on window sills.

Fibre cement is additionally ideal for providing high impact resistance. As a result, it is used commonly in hallways and family rooms, as well as kids play rooms where children often jump around and bounce off walls without any thought.

Benefits Of Cement Sheet Products

Discover the many positive benefits you can enjoy by using reinforced James Hardie fibre cement sheeting supplied by Archiclad.

Our cement sheet products offer:

  • Style and versatility – Don’t have a flat, level building surface? Our cement sheets allow you to mix and match styles without affecting the method of construction.
  • Durability and low maintenance – Unlike wood, cement sheets won’t warp or crack. They can therefore sustain dark colours for much longer.
  • Thermal efficiency – On warm days, the fibre cement is able to easily cool down for added night time comfort.
  • Faster speed of construction – The use of James Hardie fiber cement sheet products reduces the need for wet trades on site, meaning construction won’t take as long.
  • Improved sense of spaciousness – Walls built from cement sheeting are typically thinner than conventionally built walls, giving the feeling of extra floor space and added spaciousness.

Specific cement sheet products available from Archiclad allow for durable, light-weight construction and can deliver excellent resistance against termites, water damage, structural rotting, and even fire. For homes situated in high-risk bushfire areas, we have a range of fibre cement products perfectly suited to such environments.

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