Barestone Cemintel

Barestone Cemintel

Barestone Cemintel

Cemintel® BarestoneTM panels are prefinished, square edged cladding that provide a natural mottled concrete finish. Available in four styles; Original, Ash, Lunar and Graphite, Barestone is manufactured right here in Australia in 9mm dense panels with superior resistance, strength and durability for residential and commercial applications.

Barestone panels can be installed on steel or timber stud framing, masonry/concrete, or on timber battens either horizontally or vertically, externally, or internally. External panels are secured with either screws or colour matched rivets when fixing to steel framing, and colour matched screws when fixing to timber framing. For internal applications, Barestone panels are supported by a concealed fixing system.


Cemintel Barestone are prefinished, square edged, compressed fibre cement (CFC) panels that come trimmed and sealed in a standard 1200 x 3000 x 9mm size. Consisting primarily of Portland Cement, cellulose fibre, air and water, panels are compressed to produce a dense 9mm panel that offers superior performance in terms of strength and durability.

Barestone External panels are an excellent choice for commercial applications subject to higher wind loads. The panels incorporate Cemintel’s unique Ceminseal® water block technology (factory sealed on all sides) for added weather resistance and durability. The Barestone colours also have a secondary coating to minimise colour fade.

Barestone Internal panels have an effective stain resistant coating applied to the panel face to combat standard household items such as oils, wine and food, providing superior performance in terms of strength, density and durability.

Product Specifications

Property Specification Manufacturing
Panel Width 1200mm + 0.0mm / – 2.0mm AS/NZS 2908.2
Panel Length 2400 and 3000mm + 0.0mm / – 2.0mm AS/NZS 2908.2
Panel Thickness 9mm + 0.9mm / – 0.0mm AS/NZS 2908.2
Panel Weight (EMC) 17.8kg/m2 AS/NZS 2908.2

Spectral Reflectivity Values

Product Solar Reflectance % Solar Absorbtance % Basix Colour Relevant Standard
Barestone Original 39.8 60.2 (+/-1.2) Medium ASTM E903-12
Barestone Ash 23.0 76.1 (+/- 0.7) Dark ASTM E903-12
Barestone Lunar 14.3 85.7 (+/-0.4) Dark ASTM E903-12
Barestone Graphite 8.7 91.3 (+/-0.3) Dark ASTM E903-12
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