EasyLap Panel

A broadwall solution for external walls, saving you time and money.

Product Details

EasyLap™ panel is a fibre cement sheet that’s pre-primed and features a shiplap joint along its two vertical edges. Each panel is finished with a roll-on textured acrylic paint that’s site-applied for a subtle rendered look. In addition to being easy to install and cost-effective, it’s also a lightweight yet durable solution for broadwall cladding.

EasyLap panel is perfect for residential use, including alterations and additions, making it a good choice for single and medium-density buildings requiring uniform broadwall cladding. The panels can be installed on homes with either timber or light gauge steel frames.

Features & Benefits


Made from James Hardie’s fibre cement, EasyLap panel is engineered to endure. It’s resistant to fire, termites, rot and moisture damage.

Fast Installation

Simply gun-nail EasyLap panel to timber frames or screw to light gauge steel frames for speedy installation. Panels also come pre-primed and ready to paint.

Fire Resistant

EasyLap panel adheres to bushfire attack level requirements to BAL40, while also having a fire rating up to 60 minutes when used with HardieSmart™ wall systems.

Render Look

EasyLap panel is a broadwall solution with a textured finish that gives the look of a rendered wall without the heaviness or hassle of brick.

Product Specifications

Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Surface Texture Effective Cover Per Piece (m2) Effective Width (mm) Coverage Per Pack (m2) Mass (kg/m2) Weight Per Unit Pack Weight (kg)
404980 3600 1200 8.5 Smooth 4.32 1200 129.6 12.46 53.83 1614.82
404185 3000 1200 8.5 Smooth 3.6 1200 144 12.46 44.86 1794.24
404186 3000 900 8.5 Smooth 2.7 900 108 12.46 33.64 1345.68
404184 2440 1200 8.5 Smooth 2.93 1200 117.2 12.46 36.51 1460.31
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