Matrix Cladding

Achieve a clean, contemporary look with ease

Product Details

Matrix™ is an exterior cladding system that boasts a clean, contemporary, expressed-joint look. With its bold industrial aesthetic, Matrix is an excellent choice when you want to achieve an architectural panelised look. Various panel sizes are available to choose from to suit different stud spacings, while the 10mm express joint is available in a range of geometric shapes, including square, vertical, horizontal and brick pattern. Matrix can be used for interior feature walls, with the express joint able to be painted a dark colour to bring out its lines and shapes. Meanwhile, the design of the cavity construction boosts its thermal properties and ensures higher R-values up to 3.3. For a unique mixed materials look, try combining Matrix with other James Hardie options such as Stria and EasyLap in order to complement or contrast different design elements.

Features & Benefits

Scyon Formulation

When used in cladding, Scyon™ fibre cement is thick and durable yet easy to nail

Fast Installation

Simply gun-nail Matrix cladding to timber frames or screw to light gauge steel frames. Cladding is supplied pre-primed and ready to paint.

Fire Resistant

Matrix meets bushfire attack level requirements to BAL29, as well as having a fire rating up to 60 minutes when installed with HardieSmart™ wall systems.

Thermal Benefit of a Cavity

Greater protection from outdoor temperatures is achieved with a cavity wall construction, with better thermal resistance (higher R-Values) also provided.

Product Specifications

Product Code Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Surface Texture Effective Cover Per Piece (m2) Effective Width (mm) Coverage Per Pack (m2) Mass (kg/m2) Weight Per Unit Pack Weight (kg)
403811 Matrix Cladding Panel 1190 1190 8 Smooth 1.42 1190 42.6 12.6 17.89 536.76
403810 Matrix Cladding Panel 2390 590 8 Smooth 1.41 590 42.3 12.6 17.77 532.98
403812 Matrix Cladding Panel 1790 890 8 Smooth 1.59 890 47.7 12.6 20.03 601.02
404169 Matrix Cladding Panel 2990 1190 8 Smooth 3.56 1190 106.8 12.6 44.85 1345.68
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