Residential Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Pink Batts® Insulation
Pink Batts® Insulation is made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool (sometimes referred to as mineral wool), specially designed for the thermal insulation of ceilings and walls in domestic and commercial buildings.

Pink Batts® Insulation has the added benefit of being an effective sound absorber and so contributes to both the thermal and acoustic comfort of building occupants.

Pink SonoBatts® Acoustic Insulation
Pink® SonoBatts® acoustic insulation (14 kg/m³), made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool, are specially designed for quick installation into timber stud framing for residential buildings.

Pink® SonoBatts® acoustic insulation are designed to give assurance of effective sound absorption and reduced noise transfer between rooms.

Pink SonoBatts® Premium Acoustic Insulation
Pink® SonoBatts® Premium acoustic insulation (32kg/m3), made from high density, resilient glasswool, are the superior range of sound control insulation.

They are an ideal alternative to rockwool for timber framed wall cavities, ceiling overlays and between floors for use as sound absorbing materials for home theatres and in architectural acoustic applications such as partitions, screens and baffles.

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