MetalWorks Custom Ceilings


MetalWorks Custom Capabilities provide designers with creative freedom. Freedom to deliver exciting spaces.

Get creative with MetalWorks during your next project. Shape It, perforate it, mesh & float it. Colour it, even wood effects it.

Leverage acoustic fleece or mineral fibre tile infills to give your unique, one of a kind show stopping design, acoustic treatment.

We are here to support you at every step off the journey, from initial design concepts, through product selection, engineering (including integration with installation and accessories), customisation, and, finally, finished installation.

Dimensions & Shapes

Dimensions Size has no limits when it comes to MetalWorks...

Perforations & Inlays

Creating a pleasant indoor environment with intelligent room acoustics is...

Service Integration

Ceiling panels can be provided with cut-out, recesses, openings and...

Special Colours

Say no to compromise when it comes to your colour...

Wood Effects

Inspired by nature: Consistent and high-end wood effect visual on...

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