Soundscapes Baffles & Floating Ceilings


Create quiet, yet inspiring spaces with SOUNDSCAPES® Baffles, Baffles Curves, Canopies, Capz & Shapes.

Whether installed individually, or in cloud formations, each panel absorbs sound from all sides for more effective noise control.

Select from the broadest range of ceiling design options, with a range of finishes that includes Wood Effects – all tested as Group 1 Fire Resistant

Bring your “one of a kind” design ideas to life – acoustically, with Armstrong SOUNDSCAPES, the perfect solution for an exposed structure commercial space.


Define interior spaces acoustically with SOUNDSCAPES® Baffles: a sleek, linear...

Baffles Curves

With SOUNDSCAPES Baffles Curves, you can now create exciting interiors...


Aesthetically define your space with SOUNDSCAPES Canopies featuring two stunning...


Solve acoustical challenges in exposed structures with SOUNDSCAPES Capz –...


SOUNDSCAPES Shapes combine excellent acoustics with eye catching, inspiring visuals....

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