NRG Green Board

NRG Green Board

At Archiclad, we provide a one-stop-shop for quality building construction materials and are proud to offer quality materials that you can rely on. With NRG Greenboard, we stock the perfect external cladding for who want thermal insulation combined with an environmentally friendly product. Also, NRG is the only company to achieve Codemark Accreditation and BAL29 Fire testing for expanded polystyrene cladding systems, which provides you even further peace of mind when using this product for your construction projects.

Great Insulation And More

NRG Greenboard is designed for external cladding of buildings with timber or steel framing, as well as walls made of solid concrete or masonry. It provides thermal insulation across an entire wall as well as strong weather resistance to keep it lasting even in harsh Australian environmental conditions. It’s also a cost-effective and flexible option for a variety of building projects, perfect for any architectural feature you want to achieve, from curved walls to mouldings. Finally, it provides an attractive rendered finish with its seam-free appearance, allowing a fantastic final look over a range of textures and colours. And its benefits don’t stop there: it’s also insect repellent, flame retardant, and provides insulation from noise.

Environmentally Friendly

This system has a strong and trustworthy environmental pedigree. Developed in Germany in 1973, it has since become widely distributed across Western Europe and North America in response to strict legislation dictating the energy efficient construction of both private and commercial buildings. Its toughness and environmental friendliness has seen its rapid adoption in Australia as well, in a range of weather conditions from alpine to desert.

Not only is it good for the environment in terms of energy efficiency, but it can also be recycled once it has come to the end of its life-cycle, making it the ultimate environmentally friendly choice.

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