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Archiclad stocks a range of products that are ideal for addressing the exterior wall cladding and timber weatherboard needs of Australian buildings. There are no shortcuts when it comes to protecting homes and businesses with the best materials for lasting peace of mind. The Weathertex range offers an excellent, practical solution for designers and builders for the highest quality, durable products.

Weathertex timber products are the first and only of their kind in the world and provide the unique benefit of being a 100% natural product – 97% timber and 3% natural wax. In addition to the environmentally friendly benefits, wall cladding and timber products also provide an ideal solution for future proofing homes against the ravages of termites. All of the regular sugars and starches are removed from the timber, providing outstanding termite resistance.

Weathertex prides itself on delivering sustainability and durability. They strive to deliver long-lasting, eco-friendly products to a wide variety of customers throughout Australia and all around the world. The company is 100% Australian owned and all products are exclusively sourced from within Australia.

Weathertex cladding and timber weatherboards are renowned for their outstanding durability and ease of use. They are simple to install, low maintenance, easily cut into desired lengths and shapes, and provide guaranteed longevity – 25 years with no splits or cracks.

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Australian and family-owned, we are proud to work with Weathertex to provide your construction project with high-quality timber cladding, weatherboard and architectural panels. 

The preferred choice for builders, architects and designers globally since 1939, Weathertex is renowned for its sustainable, durable and easy-to-install timber solutions. 

Find out what you can gain from Archiclad’s experience in the residential and commercial building sectors and how we use Weathertex’s sustainable timber to perfect any project.

Benefits Of Weathertex Products

Whether you’re a homeowner, specifier or tradesman, Weathertex products offer genuine benefits for residential and commercial building projects. 

All Weathertex products are made in Australia from PEFC-certified state forests or private hardwoods with no added silica, glues, resins or formaldehyde. 

Weathertex Weatherboards are also guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for up to 25 years, making your construction project even more reliable.

Weathertex Timber Products For Exterior Wall Cladding

Panels such as Weathergroove and EcoWall combine to improve performance and reliable structural bracing with a high degree of design versatility. 

The EcoWall is robust and durable and features both vertical and horizontal express jointing. 

Suitable for homes or large commercial projects, EcoWall delivers exceptional strength while also being lightweight. It is compliant with Australian standards for external hardboards with large panels for quick and easy installation. 

Weathertex Is Your Environmentally Friendly Choice For Exterior Wall Cladding

When you get timber from Weathertex, you’re getting: 

  • 100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax.
  • Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed.
  • No added silica, glues, resins or formaldehyde.

Weathertex also participates in the Living Future Institute Declare Label and Product Health Declaration initiatives, both of which aim to push the building materials industry toward healthier products and practices.

Timber Weatherboards — Easy To Install, Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

Timber weatherboards that are easy to install, low maintenance, and long-lasting offer numerous benefits for both residential and commercial properties. 

Low maintenance is a significant advantage; these weatherboards resist decay and pests and often require only occasional cleaning and minimal repainting to maintain their appearance. This reduces the ongoing cost and effort involved in the upkeep of a residential or commercial build. 

Longevity is another critical benefit as high-quality timber weatherboards can withstand harsh weather conditions, from heavy rains to the strong Australian sun, ensuring durability over many years. 

This durability also adds to the property’s value as it enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time. 

Weathertex, A Practical Solution For Designers And Builders

The Weathertex range from Archiclad provides a range of styles, profiles and finishes to suit any project. The natural cladding range is an unprimed board that offers the look of raw, undressed timber.

Selflok and Primelok Weatherboards feature self-locking and fixing systems that result in clean, contemporary lines. Classic Weatherboards are available in a variety of surface finishes. 

Ideal for builders, architects and designers looking for high-quality building solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, Weathertex cladding, panels and weatherboards are made from certified state forest or private hardwoods in Australia without any chemical additives. 

These solutions are third-party accredited, receiving a Global GreenTag Platinum certification with a GreenRate Level A for the Natural range and Gold Certification for primed flat cladding and wall panel sheets.

Why Choose Archiclad for Weathertex Products?
  • We offer a strong commitment to your timber build project, whether it is residential or commercial. 
  • We partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in weatherboards and external wall cladding. 

You can rely on our expertise in navigating multiple building contracts. We can help support you with complicated wording so you can get the best out of your construction project. 


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