Axon Cladding

Axon Cladding

Axon Cladding

With the vertical lines of Axon™ cladding, it’s easy to add the perfect level of drama and fine detail to your walls. Axon is a range of vertically grooved panels that provide the beauty and detail of painted vertical joint timber without the downsides of time and durability hassles. With a stepped shiplap joint on the long edges allowing for simple installation, this cladding can be gun nailed and cut cleanly using a circular saw fitted with a dust-reducing fibre cement blade. Axon is perfect for modern upper storey and ground floor extensions and is especially well suited to coastal building styles, with the vertical lines adding line, form and textural interest.

James Hardie Axon Cladding Brings Style & Diversity To Your Home

Axon cladding by James Hardie is the premier choice for your home, whether it’s a coastal villa or a chic city townhouse. Elevate the aesthetic of your home’s facade with the innovation of lightweight fibre cement. 

The perfect canvas for you to create your dream home with, it can be customised to suit your desired look and painted easily afterwards. 

Coming in a range of textures and styles, the sleek and minimalist lines deliver a clean profile around which you can add your own personal flair. 

Beyond the versatility of Axon cladding, James Hardie cladding options are built for resilience and longevity. This also makes James Hardie cladding options perfect for commercial build projects, like schools, hospitals, offices and childcare centres. Whether it’s residential or commercial, James Hardie cladding has you covered. 

For a typical household, with its naturally insulating effect, Axon cladding not only protects your home from the elements but also keeps it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Discover the timeless look you’ve been seeking with James Hardie Axon cladding.

Axon Cladding Allows For An Easy Installation Process

Unlike conventional board and batten, brick or weatherboard cladding, Axon cladding facilitates an easy installation process that’s far quicker to complete. 

The design encompasses a stepped shiplap joint, allowing for a seamless finish between all the panels. Axon cladding is available in a range of lengths to accommodate all sizes of homes, as well as commercial build projects for a seamless finish. 

They’re cut to size with a dust-reducing cement blade and typically are attached with a nail gun to affix them to the exterior walls of your home. 

Aside from a smoother and more streamlined install, the material itself is also remarkably lightweight. Should any panels ever need replacing far down the line, they can be easily removed, and a new one can be attached in their place. This lightness is also better for your home as cladding isn’t load-bearing, meaning less weight puts less pressure on the structure and foundation of your house. 

Whether you’re employing a contractor or ordering cladding for a client, James Hardie Axon cladding makes the installation process simple and efficient. 

Your final result will be hassle-free and have a beautiful, resilient, and versatile finish. 

Product Code Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Surface Texture Groove Spacing (mm) Effective Cover Per Piece (m2) Effective Width (mm) Coverage Per Pack (m2) Mass (kg/m2) Weight Per Unit Pack Weight (kg)
403932 Axon Cladding 133mm Smooth 2750 1200 9 Smooth 133 3.3 1200 99 14.5 41.25 1237.5
403931 Axon Cladding 133mm Smooth 2450 1200 9 Smooth 133 2.94 1200 88.2 12.5 36.75 1102.5
403933 Axon Cladding 133mm Smooth 3000 1200 9 Smooth 133 3.6 1200 108 12.5 45 1350
404979 Axon Cladding 133mm Smooth 3600 1200 9 Smooth 133 4.32 1200 129.6 12.5 54 1620
404417 Axon Cladding 400mm Smooth 2450 1200 9 Smooth 400 2.94 1200 88.2 12.5 36.75 1102.5
404418 Axon Cladding 400mm Smooth 2750 1200 9 Smooth 400 3.3 1200 99 12.5 41.25 1237.5
404419 Axon Cladding 400mm Smooth 3000 1200 9 Smooth 400 3.6 1200 108 12.5 45 1350
404512 Axon Cladding 133mm Grained 3000 1200 9 Grained 133 3.6 1200 108 12.5 45 1350
404510 Axon Cladding 133mm Grained 2450 1200 9 Grained 133 2.94 88.2 12.5 36.75 1102.5
404511 Axon Cladding 133mm Grained 2750 1200 9 Grained 133 3.3 1200 99 12.5 41.25 1237.5

We Provide a Variety of Axon Cladding Styles & Textures

No matter the dimensions of your home or the preferences you have surrounding the final finish you want, Axon cladding is a diverse option. First, you can choose between a smooth or grainy texture, both of which are perfect for painting over. 

Next, consider the groove spacing you want on your panels, achieving the look of either more narrow or more broad boards. Finally, all Axon cladding comes in a variety of lengths to ensure you get the perfect fit and size for your home without needing to order more than what you really need. 

Get the timber look you want for your home with beautiful classic vertical lines without the concern of rotting, warping or swelling with the simple beauty of James Hardie Axon cladding. 

Axon Cladding Is Perfect For Modern Upper Storey & Ground Floor Extensions

Whether you’re adding a granny flat, a home extension, or recladding the entire property, Axon cladding facilitates a faster transformation that’ll stand the test of time. Built to be more fire-resistant than other forms of cladding, it’s also the safer option. 

Changing the facade of your home can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, but Axon cladding takes the stress and hassle out. Delivering a crisp and minimalist profile with classically clean vertical lines, it helps to elongate the profile of your home. 

Benefits of Installing James Hardie Axon Cladding

Timber homes always look beautiful but in certain conditions, can require high levels of maintenance. From termites and rotten boards to fire safety, keeping your home looking in perfect condition can become costly. James Hardie Axon cladding still delivers the look and feel of timber without the drawbacks associated with timber homes. 

It eliminates the extra costs of installation, the risk of rot, and the ongoing maintenance of board-and-batten or weatherboard homes. James Hardie’s innovative material also adheres to Australian bushfire attack level requirements, meaning you have a more resilient home even in the most extreme conditions. 

You’ll also still get the highly sought-after timber-look effect with clean lines and the ability to paint them in whichever style or pattern you prefer. 

Why Choose Archiclad For James Hardie Axon Cladding?

At Archiclad, we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, meaning we know not only the challenges that renovations can create but also how to navigate them. 

We’ve also built fantastic relationships with suppliers to ensure our clients get the best possible quality for whatever their build projects may be, residential and commercial. 

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