RAB Board

A rigid air barrier that provides wind and moisture protection in external facades.

Product Details

RAB Board is a 6mm fibre cement rigid air barrier that’s suitable for use under cladding, providing protection from moisture and the elements. Sealed with the innovative CoreShield™ penetrating sealer technology from James Hardie, water, air and wind are kept out, and moisture vapour is allowed to easily escape. RAB Board is simple to install and can withstand 180 days of exposure before cladding is installed.

Features & Benefits

Deemed Non-Combustible

Suitable for use in non-combustible construction.

Resistant to Moisture

Resistant to moisture for protection from the elements.


Made to endure, the fibre cement is resistant to fire, termites, rot and moisture damage.

Speed of Installation

Lightweight, and easy to cut and screw/nail to the frame, installation is a breeze. Joints simply require taping.

Product Specifications

Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Effective Cover Per Piece (m2) Effective Width (mm) Coverage Per Pack (m2) Mass (kg/m2) Weight Per Unit Pack Weight (kg)
405126 3000 1200 6 3.6 1350 216 8.69 35.19 2040
405127 2700 1350 6 3.65 1200 218.7 8.69 31.68 2147
405117 3000 1350 6 4.05 1350 243 8.69 35.19 2385
405128 2700 1200 6 3.24 1350 194.4 8.69 35.19 1908
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